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Increase your marketing effectiveness

Identify marketing opportunities, optimize content distribution, and track progress in real-time.

Find trending content in specific channels or market segments. Discover which topics and tactics engage your audience in order to create more compelling content.

Put your content into market on the right channels at the right time and frequency based on custom benchmarks and best practices. Know what content to redistribute to additional audiences.

Monitor share of engagement and content performance relative to competition over time. Use dashboards, reports and alerts to analyze results and continuously improve.

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  • The quick snippets of valuable data and ability to drill down and unlock trends in your industry have made TrackMaven an essential tool in both our content creation and monitoring processes.

    — Allan Gungormez, TransAmerica

  • The ability to gauge the success of a post and spot content opportunities across channels means we can be proactive in our digital marketing.

    — Jen Hinkle, Washington Redskins

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